Let's make a look to instruments invented in Azerbaijan, by azeri authors


One of the most ancient residential places of the world Azerbaijan is also one of the ancient cultural center. Timely, Azerbaijan artists gifted to world's musical treasury very interesting and amazing instrumental voices. The role of the musical intruments in developing and promoting of Azerbaijan music and art is indeniable. These has been some professionals performers of the instruments well-known historical personalities of our nation. We can say for example that Dada Gorqud has traveled inch by inch to Turkish places gobuz in hand, and his edification admonitions are by heart of languages today, too. But people heroes, Babek əl-Xürrəmi (approximately 795-838) tanbur, Koroglu (XVI century) have been the most beautiful performers of times with playing the saz. They attacked enemy with sword on one hand and musical instrument on the other hand.
They have inspired fighters and have feared enemies like so. They have deeply appropriated our instruments some classics which live in the Middle Ages equal music our poets with learning our mugams, too. For example, we may remember Mehseti Ganjavi’s(XI should burn end of the century, XII of the century) playing in chang, also Shah Ismayil Khatai’s(1486-1524)playing in ud and
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