The rector of the Azerbaijan national academy of music, the honoured worker of arts, the professor - Siyawush Karimi : presentation musical instrument “Fitar” in the commission National academy of music it was accepted with the great pleasure from members of the commission and to the founder of tool Fikretu Gulievu have offered, will continue this work. As the Rector of the Azerbaijan national academy of music I wish F.Guliev's success
The Azerbaijan National Academy of Music the teacher, scientific, the musician - Аbasgulu Najafov : first electron tool "Fitar" has been prepared on request of time. I wish successes in F.Guliev's work
Guitarist Namazogly Elman: As the first executor of tool "Fitar", I is very glad. Execution in “Fitar” ё has given me ample opportunities. I wish successes Fikrat. Let it is the tool, it was executed all over the world
Young executor-Rahman Mammedly: As soon as I have seen tool "Fitar", I as though have seen the world because all know as I love the people. From for that that “Fitar” the Azerbaijan tool, it has seemed to me more native and lovely. To my brother, friend Fikret I wish good luck in tool "Fitar" manufacturing.
The honoured artist - Elcin Gashimov :as a member of the National commission of academy of music and I was present on presentation tool "Fitar", and I have informed on the thoughts. I consider, that it will be one of favourite tools modern time, I wish successes Фикрету.